Ernie Maurer


maurer_ernieErnie Maurer

BORN      September 3 1912; Navarre, Ohio

DIED      April 12 1985; Tifton, Georgia

HEIGHT    5-5

WEIGHT    118-126 lbs

MANAGER   Jimmy Brady

Ernie was a shifty, hard-hitting fighter; He was the Bantamweight Champion of Michigan and a World Ranked Bantamweight Top Contender who was rated among the best in the world for nine months – from July, 1933 to May, 1934; His highest rating by the NBA was #4 and by Ring Magazine was #8

He defeated such men as Frankie Genaro, Frankie Jarr, Tony Marino, Bobby Leitham, Henry Hook and Frankie Donnelly; He also fought a “Draw” with Midget Wolgast


*** Amateur Bouts (11-5) ***



Jan 13 Ed Boyer                   Detroit, MI               W KO   

Jan 15 Eddie Watson               Detroit, MI               W KO 

Jan 18 Tony Alvarez               Detroit, MI                   

Jan 18 Holman Williams            Detroit, MI               L KO  1

       -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date

Jan 28 Ted Booker                 Detroit, MI                    

       -This bout was part of a Detroit vs. Hamilton, Ontario


Feb  9 Mike Brusin                Detroit, MI                   

       -Maurer broke a thumb

Feb  9 Holman Williams            Detroit, MI               L FORFEIT

       -Maurer could not fight due to broken thumb;

        The previous 2 bouts were scheduled the same date

Mar 17 Nick Feldman               Detroit, MI               W PTS 

Mar 24 Frankie Jenive             Detroit, MI               L PTS 

Apr 22 Mickey Dodge               Detroit, MI               W PTS 

Jun 29 Holman Williams            Detroit, MI               L TKO 


*** Professional Bouts (57-2-5, 3 ND) ***



Oct  1 Kid Carter                 Ypsilanti, MI             W PTS 

Oct 15 Kayo Shaker                Ypsilanti, MI             W PTS 

Oct 29 Joey Russell               Ypsilanti, MI             W PTS 

Nov  5 Timothy Flynn              Ypsilanti, MI             W KO  



Jan    Frankie Trongo             Location Unknown          W KO   6

Jan    Ralph Quetreno             Location Unknown          W KO   2

Jan    Jackie Light               Toledo, OH                W PTS  8

Jan    Red Connelles              Location Unknown          W KO   5

Jan    Jack Russell               Location Unknown          W PTS  8

Jan    Nicky Nelson               Location Unknown          W PTS  6

Jan    Johnny Gale                Location Unknown          W PTS  8

Jan 14 Franklyn Young             Location Unknown          W PTS  6

Feb 15 Frankie Donnelly           Flint, MI                 W PTS  8

          -Won Michigan Bantamweight Title

Mar  1 Frankie Donnelly           Flint, MI                 ND     8

Mar 10 Ralph Quatine              Flint, MI                 W TKO  2

Mar 12 Jackie Light               Toledo, OH                W PTS 10

Mar 24 Frankie Donnelly           Flint, MI                 ND     8

Apr  8 Sammy Goldman              Detroit, MI               W PTS  4

Apr 25 Ralph Carbojol             Ypsilanti, MI             W KO   1

May 13 Sammy Goldman              Detroit, MI               W PTS  4

Jun    Sammy Goldman              Location Unknown          W PTS  4

Jun  9 Franklyn Young             Dearborn, MI              W PTS  8

Jun 17 Kayo Shaker                Lansing, MI               W KO   3

Jul    Sammy Goldman              Location Unknown          W PTS  6

Jul 14 Franklyn Young             Lansing, MI               W PTS  8

Aug    Frankie Donnelly           Dearborn, MI              ND     8

Aug  5 Lester Quinlan             Grand Rapids, MI          W PTS  6

Aug  8 Frankie Donnelly           Dearborn, MI              W PTS 10

          -Retained Michigan Bantamweight Title

Aug 11 Jackie Light               Dearborn, MI              D      8

Aug 16 Johnny Reggie              Jackson, MI               W PTS

Aug 26 Sammy Goldman              Detroit, MI               W TKO  8

          -Retained Michigan Bantamweight Title

Sep  2 Bobby Thomas               Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Sep 16 Frankie Jarr               Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Oct    Johnny Hook                Indianapolis, IN          D     10

Oct  6 Duke Calloway              Detroit, MI               W TKO  6

Nov  3 Tony Marino                Toronto, Ont, Can         W PTS  6

Nov 16 Dario Moreno               Detroit, MI               D     10

Dec  9 Henry Gowatch              Detroit, MI               D     10



Jan 16 Tuffy Tarzan               Flint, MI                 W TKO  4

Jan 23 Mickey O’Brien             Lima, OH                  W TKO  3

Feb  5 Mickey O’Brien             Location Unknown          W KO   5

Feb 20 Frankie Donnelly           Detroit, MI               W PTS  6

Mar  6 Henry Hook                 Location Unknown          W PTS 10

Mar 24 Tony Tassi                 Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Mar 30 Dave (Red) Casson          Lansing, MI               W KO   2

Apr  7 Pee Wee Gale               Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Apr 21 Jackie Stewart             Detroit, MI               W KO   2

May  5 Johnny Edwards             Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

May 26 Midget Wolgast             Detroit, MI               D     10

Jun 23 Marty Gold                 Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Jul  3 Jackie Light               Ypsilanti, MI             W KO   7

Aug  7 Lloyd Bennett              Toledo, OH                W KO   2

Aug 23 Billy Cooper               Location Unknown          W PTS 10

Sep  1 Franklyn Young             Location Unknown          W PTS 10

Sep 19 Johnny Thomas              Location Unknown          W PTS 10

Oct  5 Frankie Genaro             Ypsilanti, MI             W PTS 10

Oct 20 Orville Drouillard         Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Nov  3 Frankie Wolfram            Location Unknown          W PTS 10

Nov 17 Frankie Wolfram            Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Dec  7 Henry Hook                 Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Dec 15 Pee Wee Gale               Location Unknown          W PTS 10



Jan 19 Joe Boldin                 Detroit, MI               W TKO  7

Feb  2 Bobby Leitham              Detroit, MI               L PTS 10

Feb 21 Bobby Leitham              Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Mar 20 Frankie Jarr               Detroit, MI               W PTS 10

Apr 13 Orville Drouillard         Detroit, MI               L PTS 10

Apr 28 Manuel del Sara            Sault Ste. Marie, MI      W KO   4


*** Some Data Was Provided By Laurence Fielding And Bill Miley ***

Record courtesy of Rick Maurer, Ernie Maurer’s son.