Ike Bradley


bradley_ike_poseIKE BRADLEY
AKA                     : “Young” Bradley
Hometown        : Liverpool 
Height                : 5 ft., 2 inches
Weight               : 7 Stone to 8 Stone 4 lbs (110 – 116 lbs)
Born                    : February 11, 1884 (various dates given 1883, 1885)
Birthplace         : Liverpool
Died                     : May 5, 1951, Old Swan, Liverpool (age given as 58)
Manager/Trainer : George Harry (Liverpool born – South Wales)

Claiment English 7 Stone 12 lbs. to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs)  Championship 1905-1906

English 7 Stone 10 lbs. to 7 Stone 12 lbs. (108 lbs 6 to  110 Lbs) Championship 1907

North of England 7 Stone 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to  112 lbs) Championship 1906-1907

North of England 8 Stone 6 lbs to 8 Stone (116 lbs)  Championship 1910

Also boxed on the booths, hence claim of “over four hundred bouts” during career. But, claims like this although common place seldom have any substance in fact, after retirement from boxing became regular second at both Liverpool Stadiums. First, at the Pudsey Street venue – than at it’s replacement adjoining the Exchange Station up until his death.

Married: (Miss ??) Had nine children, six boys (two of whom were dead by June 1969) and three girls.

Had aggressive and persistent, all out attacking style never leaving his man alone.

Top class “inside” fighter and body puncher (for which he was several times Disqualified).

– Good punch in either hand, and also at “slipping punches” and making his man miss. Strong and durable – frequently gave away height, weight, and reach advantage to his opponents. Preferred three minute rounds, and long distance twenty round bouts as it gave him more chance of catching up with his opponents – which in many ways is why many who faced him insisted on two minute rounds. Had trouble with fast and clever boxers who could avoid his ceaseless attacks and counter him with a good left hand jab, etc., but one could not relax against him. Had unlimited stamina.

This record researched and compiled by Aylesham Kent Boxing Historian Harold Alderman



Mar  3     Willie Gill (Seaforth)          Liverpool       ND     5

(Trial Bout)

Mar 27     Willie Smith (Liverpool)        Liverpool       L RSF  9

-(Note “Mirror of Life” & “Sporting Life” both give this result “Manchester Sporting Chronicle” differs and gives L KO 8)

May 15     Willie Gill (Seaforth)          Liverpool       Exh    3

Jul 24     Jack Mitchell (Liverpool)       Liverpool       L PTS  6

Aug 14     “Young” Willie Dean (Liverpool) Liverpool       W RET  2

Sep 11     Willie Gill (Seaforth)          Liverpool       EXH    3

Oct  9     Frank Crewe                     Liverpool       EXH    3

Oct 23     Owens Novice (Liverpool)        Liverpool       W PTS  4

Nov 13     Jack Mitchell                   Liverpool       W KO   2

Nov 20     Jack Mitchell                   Liverpool       W KO   5

         Billy Halley/Haley (Bolton)      Liverpool ?     W      ?

-(Note not traced –  one of five claimed but untraced bouts given in July 15, 1903 “Mirror of Life” “Pen Picture”)

         Billy Murphy                     Liverpool ?     W      ?

           -(Note as with previous bout)

         Billy Edwards                    Liverpool ?     W      ?

        – (Note as with previous two bouts)

Dec 26     “Mirror of Life” stated “Ike Bradley (Liverpool) has joined the Royal Navy.

NOTE:      This staement appears to have been wrong as no further reference ever made that Ike Bradley was ever in the Royal Navy, maybe a jocular refernce to his being having been tattooed all over like a sailor.




         Billy Stewart                    ?               W      ?

           -(Note as with previous three bouts)

Feb  5     Billy Cocker (Bury)             Liverpool       W RET  2

Feb 26     Jack Morris (Newcastle-On-Tyne) Liverpool       W KO   3

Mar  2     Jack Owen (Liverpool)           Liverpool       W PTS  6

– (Jack Owen’s second bout on this bill, had W KO 1 in the 1st bout)

Mar  9     Jack Turner (Birkenhead)        Liverpool       W PTS  8

Mar 16     A. Murphy                       Liverpool       W KO   5

Mar 26     Jack Rose (Newcastle-On-Tyne)   Liverpool       W DSQ 10

Apr  2     Bill Lewis (Bethnal Green)      Liverpool       L PTS 15

Apr 13     Fred Hickling (Birmingham)      Birmingham      W PTS  6

    Jack Tate (Newcastle-On-Tyne          ?       ?       W      ?

– (Note – not traced – one of five claimed but untraced bouts given in July 15, 1903 “Mirror of Life” “Pen Picture”)

May  7     Tom Bond (Birmingham)           Liverpool       W KO   4

May 28     Tom Edwards (Stockport)         Liverpool       W KO   5

Jun  4     Martin Ford (Manchester)        Liverpool       W KO   2

Jun  8     Fred Hickling (Birmingham)      Liverpool       W KO   1

Aug 27     “Young” Frank Yates (Leeds)     Liverpool       W RSF  5

Sep 10     “Young” Ward (Liverpool)        Liverpool       W KO   4

Sep 26     Dai Jones (Ystalkera)           Swansea         ND     4

(Trial Bout)

Oct  3     Bill Phalin (Birmingham)        Swansea         W KO   4

Oct 15     Willie Gill (Seaforth)          Liverpool       L PTS 15

(North of England 7 St. 10 lbs to 7 St. 12 lbs (108-110 lb Championship)

Oct 29     Harry McLean (Manchester)       Liverpool       EXH    3

Dec  5     “Young” Jim Southway (Petre, Rhonda)Swansea     W PTS 15

Dec 10     “Young”   Turner                Liverpool       EXH    3

Dec 24     Billy Jones (AKA Young Snowball)Liverpool       W DSQ  4





Jan  9     Johnny Emanuel Fenice (Cardiff) Swansea         W PTS 15


-(Note- Ike Bradley report in “Mirror of Life” credited with 41 bouts, lost 1. – Traced bouts, plus, those claimed, but untraced, exhibitions & no decision bouts, up to this time comes to 35 bouts, of which he lost 4.

Feb  1     Tom Bond (Birmingham)           Liverpool       ND     6

Feb 11     Tom Whelligan                   Liverpool       EXH    3

Feb 18     Jack Talt (Newcastle-On-Tyne)   Liverpool       EXH    3

Feb 29     Harry Brodigan (Manchester-Born-Sheffield)Manchester L DSQ  4

(Billed North of England 7 Stone 12 lbs(110 lbs) Limit Championship – But over non championship two minute rounds)     

Mar  1     Bill Phalin (Birmingham)        Warrington      W KO   3

Mar 25     Jack Daly (London)              Liverpool       W KO   3

Apr  4     Arthur Grimshaw (London)        New Brighton    W KO   7

Apr  5     Arthur Grimshaw (London)        Warrington      W KO   3

Apr  7     Arthur Grimshaw (London)        Liverpool       EXH    3

Apr 14     “Tibby” Watson  (Sydney, Australia Liverpool    L PTS 15

Apr 21     Billy Johnson (Bolton)          Liverpool       EXH    3

Apr 30     Arthur Wilkinson (Liverpool)    Dublin          W KO   7

?          Arthur Grimshaw (London)        ?               W      ?

-Note: Not traced – but one of six claimed but untraced bouts in Jan 4 1905 “Mirror of Life” & “Sporting Life” Pen Picture given as third win over Grimshaw (only two wins and exh with Grimshaw traced)

?         “Young”     Percill/Pergival     ?               W      ?

?         Joe Holden/Holding               ?               W      ?

?         “Topper”   Brown                 ?               W      ?

?         Billy Taylor (Liverpool)         ?               W      ?

-(Note – as previous four bouts)

?          George Dixon (Little Chocolate) Boston. MA, Born Canada) Coloured                         Dublin          W KO   ?

(Note – as previous five bouts – Dixon, ex- worlds bantam & featherweight champion in Feb 1st 1905 “Mirror of Life” issued disclaimer stating “Had      never fought Bradley, yet alone lose to him,” but, Bradley until his dying day, always maintained bout did take place, but always emphasized the fact that Dixon was blind drunk at the time” and was carried in all future “Pen Pictures” of Bradley published after February 1st, 1905 Dixon Disclaimer.)

Oct 31     Willie Gill (Seaforth)          New Brighton    W KO   1

(Won North of England 7 Stone 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Championship claim although purse and side stakes only amounted to £35  and was of 15 rounds duration not 20.

Nov 24     Jack Daly (London)              Liverpool       W KO   3

Dec 26     “Tibby” Watson (Sydney, Australia)   Liverpool  D     15




Jan  4     Pen Picture in “Mirror of Life” credited with 62 bouts, lost 2, while      traced records show 58 bouts, lost 5.

Jan 19     Ernie Godwin (Birmingham)       Liverpool       D     12

Jan 23     “A Pupil”                       Liverpool       EXH    3

Feb 23     Jim Freeman (Wimbledon, England)Liverpool       W RSF  3

Mar 30     Willie Collins (Hollinwood, Manchester)    Liverpool                                                  W KO   2

Apr 10     Jim Kendrick (Hackney, London)  London          L PTS 15

     (Held London Covent Garden National Sporting Club (N.S.C.)

(Billed English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class) although only of 15 round duration not 20      which was reconized distance for English (later named British Title bouts)

Apr 13     Johnny Hughes (Bloomsburg)      Liverpool       W KO   9

May  4     Jim Kendrick (Hackney)          Liverpool       D     20

(English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class) although no actual title billing in majority of reports. Later “gossip” called it a title bout, as was made at 8 Stone (12 lbs) limit.

Jun  8     Harry Bradigan (Manchester born Sheffield)Liverpool                                                                   (Low blow) L DSQ 11

Jul  6     “Tibby” Watson (Sydney, Australia)   Liverpool  W PTS 20

Jul 27     Jim Kendrick/Henrick (Hackney)       Liverpool  L PTS 20

(English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight Class) Note: Same as May 4 bout applies.

Sep 21     Johnny Hughes (Bloomsbury, London)   Liverpool  W PTS 20

Oct 19     Owen Moran (Birmingham)              Worcester  ND     6

(Trial Bout)

Oct 30     Harry Slough(West Hartlepool Born London)Newcastle-On-Tynr W DSQ  4  

(Was billed English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class) claimed by Slough. NOTE: Although Slough was well and truly KO’d, but his seconds entered ring thus getting him disqualified and robbing Bradley of an official KO win although Slough was out.

Nov 20    Harry Slough (West Hartlepool born London)Newcastle-On-Tynr W KO  18

(Defense English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class Claim)

Dec 14     Jack Guyon (Clerkenwell, London) Liverpool      W KO   7




Jan 11     Willie Hook (Billings Gate, London) Liverpool   W KO   4

Jan 20     Digger Stanley (Fullum,London)Newcastle-On-Tynr L PTS 20

(Billed “Worlds” & English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class) NOTE: Both Titles claimed by both men.

Feb  8     Harry Brodigan(Manchester born Sheffied)Liverpo W KO   1

Mar 10     Billy Hughes (Sunderland)        Sunderland     W PTS 20

May 16     – Sailed for USA with manager and trainer George Harry on Cunard Liner “Campanla” for contracted (by cable) World’s 8 Stone (112 lb) limit Division Title in “Bantam Weight Class” with Jimmy Walsh (Boston, MA) holder of 8 Stone, 2 lbs to 8 Stone, 6 lbs (114 lbs to 116 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class. Walsh had won this by beating “Digger” Stanley at that weight.

May 20     – Arrived in Boston, Mass to finalize match with Jimmy Walsh, but failed      to agree terms.

Jun  8     Tommy O’Toole (Philadelphia)    Philadelphia    ND     6

           Note: O’Toole won newspaper decision.

Jul 13     Tommy Langdon                   Philadelphia    ND     6 

     Note: Langdon won newspaper decision.

Aug  7     Al Delmont (Boston, MA)         Providence, RI  L PTS 15

Aug 21     Freddy O’Brien (Chelsea, MA)    Chelsea, MA     L PTS  6

– NOTE: Returned to England “Immediately” following the above loss. Was his 4th and final bout in USA.

Sep 20     Jack Fox (Birmingham)           Liverpool       W KO  13

Sep 24     Tom Bond (Birmingham)           Birkenhead      W KO   3

Oct 18     Bill King (Birmingham)          Liverpool       W KO   6

Nov  1     Harry Brodigan (Manchester born Sheffield)Liverpool                                                  W KO   9

(Was billed North of England 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class)

Dec 13     “Digger” Stanley (Fulham, London)  Liverpool    L PTS 20

(Billed World’s & English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs) Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class)




Jan 17     Bob Kendrick (Spitafields, London) Liverpool    L PTS 20

Feb 21     Jack Ladbury (Poplar, London)      Liverpool    W PTS 20

Mar 21     Johnny Hughes (Bloomsbury)         Liverpool    W RET 14

?         Darkie Haley (Leytonstone, London)  ?            L      ?

-Note: not traced, given in April 27, 1907 “Mirror of Life” Pen Picture

May 16     “Ginger”Osborne (Billed So.Africa, born London)                                       Liverpool    W KO   4

-Jul 20    “Mirror of Life” Bradley claimed “190 bouts.” Claim highly unlikely as would mean average of 32 bouts a year. But, as on Jan 9, 1904 he was claiming just 41 bouts (which also didn’t check out) that would mean roughly, 42 bouts a year for 1904, 05 & 06. Plus 23 in the six months plus, of 1907 (up to July 20) and it’s a proven fact he only had (4) bouts in four months in the USA during 1906. Makes claim seem even more “far


Oct 14     “Young” James Southway (Pentre, Rhonda valley) Merthyr W KO  19

(Billed English 7 Stone, 12 lbs to 8 Stone (110 lbs to 112 lbs)

Division Title in “Bantamweight” Class)

Oct 28     Jack Fox (Birmingham)            Merthyr        W RSF  5

Oct 31     Bill Lewis (Bethnal Green, London)   Liverpool  L PTS 20

-Note: At catchweight £25 a side and purse – Bradley Believe touring South Wales with a Boxing Booth rest the rest of 1907 and majority of 1908 & 1909.




Mar 14   Johnny “Buck” Shine (Somers Town,London) Merthyr  W KO   7

Mar 21     Jack Guyon (Clerkenwell, London)     Merthyr    W PTS 10

Mar 30     “Digger” Stanley (Fullum, London) London, Mile End  L PTS 15

Apr  6     Jim Kendrich/Kenrick (Hackney, London) Merthyr  L PTS 20

Apr 27     “Darkey Haley (Leytonstone) London, Mile End    L PTS 10

-Note: “Return” Haley won “First” – (not traced)

Dec  5     Jack Murphy (Merthyr)           Merthyr         W KO   3




Feb  8     “Young” Conroy (Birkenhead)      Birkenhead     L PTS 15

Apr  8     “Young” Conroy (Birkenhead)      Birkenhead     D      8

Apr 29     “Young” Conroy (Birkenhead)      Birkenhead     L PTS 20

Jun 17     Fred Sydney (Boston, MA) (Negro) Birkenhead     EXH    3

Jul  1     Billy Jones (AKA “Young Snowball”)(Birkenhead) Coloured)                      Birkenhead     L KO   5

Jul 22     “Young” Smokey Bishop (Deptford),London Birkenh W KO   2

Sep 28     Matt “Kid” Saxby (Leeds)         Manchester     L DSQ 19


Nov  6    Jack Guyon (Clerkenwell, London)  Merthyr        W KO  13

?         Bill Lewis (Bethal Green, London  ?              L KO  11

-Note: not traced but credited to Lewis in Pen Picture on him in Dec 18, 1909 “Boxing” and claim never contridicted by either Bradley or anyone connected to him in there only two traced bouts. Lewis won both on points and although he carried respectable punch Lewis wasn’t known as a big puncher and a “KO” win over a renowned durable man like Ike Bradley would have been a big surprise –  although possible, of course.

Dec 14     Sam Keller (Mile End, London)    Manchester    D     20

Dec 27     Ralph Marshace ??? (Glasgow)     Glasgow       L PTS 20




Mar 10     Sam Keller (Mile End)            Liverpool     D     20

           – Note date wasn’t Sunday March 13

May  5     Tom Cooper (Gateshead)           Liverpool     W RSF 3

– Note: No title billing and no weights given or stipulated and of 15 round duration not 20, but Cooper was billed as North of England 8 Stone, 4 lbs (116 lbs) Division Champion in “Bantamweight” Class. This win saw Bradley being billed as such in future bouts.

Jun  2     Eddie Carsey (California late Canada) Liverpo  W KO  13

Jun 30     Eddie Carsey (California late Canada) Liverpo  W RET  6

Jul  4     Leslie Williams (Tonypandy) Pontypridd         L PTS 20

Jul 28     Sam Russell (Limehouse, London)     Liverpool  L DSQ  2

(Low Blow)

– Note: Bradley’s opponent announced and reported as being ‘Young” Cohen (Aldgate, London) who Russell substituted for, with change, being made public, and even went into the 1910 “Sporting Life” record book as “Young” Cohen.

Sep 22     Billy Hughes (Sunderland)        Liverpool     W KO   6

Sep 30     Paddy Carroll (Liverpool)        Liverpool     EXH    3

Nov  3     Jim Dermmody (Ystradgynlais,Swansea Valley) Liverp  W RET  6

Nov 24     “Young” Sullivan (Brierley Hill) Liverpool     W RET  3

Dec 15     Jobey Jordan (Sheffield)         Liverpool     W RET  6

Dec 29     Harry Thomas (Birmingham)        Liverpool     D     20  




Jan 26     Harry Thomas (Birmingham)        Liverpool     L PTS 20

Feb 20     Bert Marsh (Philadelphia, USA)   Blackpool     W KO   6

Mar 11     – Failed to pass the Doctor for bout on this date in Liverpool vs.      “Young” Conroy (Birkenhead) due to severly sprained left hand. Wanted to box but Doctor said “no.” Note: Wasn’t the Ike Bradley who boxed in USA  on March 17 “ND 6” with “KO” Smith in New York.

Apr 11     Jack Jaques (Liverpool)            Liverpool   W KO   4

     – Note: Bradley’s first bout since hand injury.

Apr 18     “Young” Conroy (Birkenhead)        Liverpool   W RET  2

Jul 13     Johnny Hughes (Bloomsbury, London) Liverpool   W KO   2

Jul 22     Eddie Connelly (Philadelphia, USA) Fleetwood   W KO   3  

Sep 14     Digger Stanley                     Liverpool   L PTS 20

(Billed World’s and British 8 Stone to 8 Stone 6 lb (112 lbs to 118 lbs) Bantamweight Title)

Dec 25     Arthur Hillier (Oxford)         Liverpool      L DSQ  5

           (Low blow)                               



Feb  1     Eddie Morgan (Merthyr)          Liverpool      L DSQ  8

           (Low Blow)

Jul 14     “Hookey” Green (Belfast)        Birkenhead     W KO   3  

Aug  5     Johnny Curran                   Dublin         L DSQ  8

 (Low Blow)




Feb  ?     Boro Bradley (Bristol)          Birkenhead     EXH    3

– No date given reported in both Feb 22 “Boxing” and Feb 22 “Mirror of Life” so at least six days previous to that date.

Mar 13     “Tibby” Watson (Sydney, Australia)  Warrington W RET  2

Jul 24     Robert Dastillon (Aubervilliers)  Liverpool    L PTS 15

Aug 28     Robert Dastillon (Aubervilliers)  Liverpool    L RSF 11

NOTE: Bout made at 8 St. 6 lbs. (118 lbs) Bradley 8 St. 3 lbs (115 lbs) but Dastillon much over weight at “well over 9 Stone (126 lbs) and Bradley couldn’t give him that much weight.

Oct  9     Sid Smith (Bernsdry)            Liverpool      L PTS 10




Jan 26    Jim Lloyd (Liverpool Newcastle-in-Tyne)Birken   L PTS 15        

          NOTE: one stone (14 lbs) lighter.          

Mar  6     Eddie Morgan (Merthyr)          Bolton         L PTS 15

Mar 10     Marcel Lepreux (France)         Paris          L PTS 15

May 28     Marcel Lepreux (France)         Liverpool      L PTS 15

Aug  4     – Outbreak of World War I

Nov 30     “Young” Joe Fox (Leeds)         Southwark      L RET  8

(Injured hand)

-Note: Bradley had cut his left hand badly in morning and should never had been allowed to box.




Jan  8     Joe Symonds (Plymouth)          Plymouth        L PTS 15

Feb  4     Johnny Maguire (Belfast)        Liverpool       L DSQ  4

           (Low Blow)

Feb 18     Fred Anderson (Lambath)         Liverpool       L PTS 10




Jun 15     Johnny Bell                     Liverpool       W RSF  1

           -Note: final traced bout of career.


Bout claimed but untraced, no year, date, venue or result known (below):


?         Patsy Hackett (Islington, London born St Helens)?

   Note: Hackett known to have been boxing in St. Helens in 1904, “at about 7 Stone 10 lbs (108 lbs) was about 8 Stone 10 lbs (122 lbs) 1908 and about 9 Stone (126 lbs) in November 1910.




Total Bouts: 149

Won: 79 (52 inside the distance; 10 manner unknown; 2 by DSQ)

Drew: 7

ND:   6

EXH: 13

Lost:43 (5 inside the distance; 8 by DSQ)

Unk: 1