Werther Arcelli


arcelli_werther2WERTHER ARCELLI

Welterweight, born in San Felice su Panaro, Italy, November 13, 1910.
Died in Boston, MA October 13, 1993.
Height 5’8″. Managed by Phil Buccola and Dan Carroll.
Record Compiled by Luckett Davis, with assistance from
Laurence Fielding
Photo courtesy of Vince Colitti
Arcelli was a World Ranked Welterweight Contender during his career; He arrived on the Roma with the Italian National Boxing Team on January 27, 1930 to compete in an International Tournament against the United States and Germany in Boston (February 3), New York (February 10) and Grand Rapids
(February 17)
Werther was scheduled to return to Italy on February 22 but circumstances allowed him and Oddone Piazza to remain in Boston where they turned professional; He returned to Italy in 1932 before coming back to the United States in 1933; He became a United States Citizen and settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts
During his career, Arcelli defeated such men as  Frankie Britt, George Salvadore, Pete “K.O.” Castillo, Andy Callahan, Stanislaus Loayza, Tommy Jones, Frankie Cinque, Sid Silas, Johnny Lucas and Bobby Pacho




Mar 24    Stonewall Jackson   Salem, MA           W TKO  3

Mar 31    Al Porter           Fall River, MA      W PTS  6

Apr 15    Jimmy Murphy        Boston, MA          W PTS  6

May 26    Charlie Kelly       Boston, MA          W PTS  6

Aug  5    Steve Jones         Boston, MA          W PTS  6

Aug 18    Frank Herlihy       Salem, MA           W PTS  6

Sep  2    Charlie Kelly       Boston, MA          W TKO  2

Sep 22    Johnny Britt        Tiverton, RI        W PTS  6

Sep 25    Frankie Stevens     Boston, MA          W PTS  6

Nov 24    Frank Herlihy       Boston, MA          W KO   2

Dec 15    Dick Howell         Boston, MA          W PTS  6




Jan 12    Dick Howell         Boston, MA          W PTS  8

Feb  9    Patsy Reno          Boston, MA          W PTS  6

Mar  6    Patsy Reno          Boston, MA          W PTS  5

Jun 15    Leslie Baker        Boston, MA          L PTS 10

Jul 20    Leslie Baker        Boston, MA          W PTS 10

Aug 27    Darcy White         Boston, MA          W TKO  9

Oct 23    Hy Diamond          Boston, MA          W PTS  6

Nov 16    George Salvadore    Boston, MA          W PTS  8

Dec  2    Baby Jack Renault   Boston, MA          W PTS  7




Jan 24    Kid Josse           Milan, Italy        W PTS 10

Feb 18    Luigi Bonetti       Milan, Italy        W PTS 10

May 26    Vittorio Zuccolini  Milan, Italy        W TKO  4

Jun 25    Dino Tempesti       Milan, Italy        W KO   1

Oct 15    Vincenzo Rocchi     Milan, Italy        D     10




Jul  6    Lou Jallos          Boston, MA          W PTS  5

Jul 29    Jimmy Reed          Bridgeport, CT      W TKO  8

Sep  8    Tommy Romano        Boston, MA          D      8

Oct 16    Pete K.O. Castillo  Boston, MA          W PTS 10

Oct 30    Tommy Romano        Boston, MA          W PTS  8




Jan 19    Andy Callahan       Boston, MA          W PTS 12

          -Won New England Welterweight Title

Feb 12    Stanislaus Loayza   Boston, MA          W TKO  7

Mar 20    Steve Halaiko       Boston, MA          L PTS 10

Apr  6    Harry Devine        Worcester, MA       L DSQ  8

          -Lost New England Welterweight Title

May 14    Darcy White         Salem, MA           W KO   3

Oct 15    Harry Alexanian     Salem, MA           W TKO  8

Nov 19    Frankie Smith       Salem, MA           W PTS 10

Nov 30    Tommy Romano        New York, MA        W PTS  6

Dec 21    Harry Devine        Boston, MA          D     10




Feb 11    Tommy Jones         Holyoke, MA         W PTS 10

Mar  1    Jackie Davis        New York, NY        L PTS  6

Mar 22    Cocoa Kid           Boston, MA          L PTS  8

Jun 13    Cocoa Kid           Boston, MA          L PTS 10

Jul 27    Jimmy Knight        Milford, CT         W TKO  5

Aug  3    Casper LaRosa       Milford, CT         W PTS 10

Aug 17    Casper LaRosa       Milford, CT         W PTS  8

Aug 29    Tony Catalano       North Adams, MA     W TKO  6

Sep 12    Tommy Romano        North Adams, MA     W PTS 10

Oct 23    Casper LaRosa       New Haven, CT       W PTS  8

Nov 16    Joey Greb           New Haven, CT       D      6

Dec  9    Jack Portney        Baltimore, MD       L PTS 10




Jan 13    Steve Halaiko       Holyoke, MA         L PTS 10

Jan 27    Frankie Cinque      Holyoke, MA         W PTS 10

Apr  2    Cocoa Kid           New Haven, CT       L PTS 10

Jun 19    Cocoa Kid           North Adams, MA     L PTS 12

Aug  2    Bobby Orr           Milford, CT         W TKO  5

Sep 30    Tommy Bland         Halifax, NS, CAN    L PTS 10




Jan  1    Whitey Hurwitz      Halifax, NS, CAN    NC     2 ***

Feb 22    Sid Silas           Washington, DC      W KO   3

Mar 22    Johnny Lucas        Washington, DC      W PTS 10

Apr 12    Phil Furr           Washington, DC      W PTS 10

May  3    Paulie Walker       New York, NY        L KO   7

Jul 12    Cocoa Kid           Baltimore, MD       L KO   2

Oct 18    Sonny Jones         Albany, NY          L KO   5

Nov  9    Tommy Bland         Halifax, NS, CAN    L PTS 10




Jan 13    Billy Lancaster     Fall River, MA      W PTS  8

Jan 24    Battling Burroughs  Washington, DC      W TKO  2

Feb  7    Gordon Wallace      Toronto, ONT, CAN   L PTS  8

Feb 28    Bobby Pacho         New York, NY        W PTS  8

Nov  3    Charley Burley      Pittsburgh, PA      L KO   1




Feb 25    Pedro Montanez      New York, NY        L KO   1

Mar       – Retired from boxing


*** The Ring, October, 1937 issue, page 60, under News And Gossip From Boston (by Doc Almy)


“While not a Greater Boston item, though there is a connection, on New Year’s Day the boxing fans of Halifax, N.S., were treated to one of those things. The principals were Werther Arcelli of Boston, and an opponent giving his name as “Whitney Hurwitz of New York.” and claiming to be attached to the stable of Joe Gould, manager of Jimmy Braddock. “Whitney” Hurwitz of Boston, who has not boxed here for months, was supposed to be the chap who appeared at Halifax. However, he contends that he was in Boston on the holiday – miles removed from Halifax. So, it would seem that somebody impersonated him. In any event, the chap who faced Arcelli was in no condition to box and the referee stopped the affair in the second round and ruled “no contest”. No blame was attached to Areclli. The horse out of the barn, the Halifax Commission has started an investigation which, seemingly, will not bear very much fruit.”


*** Much Data Was Provided By Laurence Fielding and Some Data By Peitro Anselmi ***




Record courtesy of Luckett Davis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization