Paul Zabala


It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Paul Zabala passed away August 21, 2008. Luckett Davis and I feared the worst when we were unable to reach him during the early part of this year. Finally I decided to do a google search of obituaries and came upon Paul’s obituary. I feel terrible that I was not able to learn of his death earlier.


Paul joined IBRO in December 1984 and was one of IBRO’s most prolific researchers who painstakingly went through old newspapers in and around Albany, NY. He was a contributor to the Ring Record Book. Paul searched the following and shared all with members of IBRO:


Philadelphia Public Ledger: 1913-24

Philadellphia Inquirer: 1925

Buffalo newspapers:  1926-40

Albany newspapers:  1907-21

Rochester Democrat Chronicle:  1897-1900, 1924-25

Rochester Herald:  1910-23

Syracuse Herald: 1909-20

Auburn NY Journal:  1920-28

Binghamton NY Press:  1908-23

Poughkeepsie NY Eagle-News:  1915-21

Chicago Tribune:  1898-1921


He also did some searches in newspapers from Schenectady, Troy, Utica, Elmira, etc.  His newspaper research was done mostly in the state library in Albany after he retired from farming.  Luckett Davis believes that he farmed all of his life except the last few years.


Many of us in IBRO owe Paul a great debt of gratitude for his unselfish willingness to share his research.


He’ll be greatly missed. May he rest in peace!


Dan Cuoco