Charley Burley and The Black Murderers’ Row    

By Harry Otty


burley_coverBy popular demand “Charley Burley and The Black Murderer’s Row is being re-released December 6, 2010


Book Description:

The authorised biography of one of the greatest fighters who ever lived. “Too good for his own good” a statement that was made by many boxing managers and promoters of the 1940s when referring to Pittsburgh’s Charley Burley. Arguably the greatest boxer never to win a world title, Burley was the most feared fighter of his generation and one of the most avoided fighters in the history of boxing. Charley Burley and the Black Murderers’ Row follows a trail from the 1936 Barcelona ‘Friendly’ Olympics in war-torn Spain to top ten contender status for world title honours during the 1940s. From the disappointment of being avoided by Henry Armstrong, Fritzie Zivic, Tony Zale, Jake LaMotta, Rocky Graziano, Billy Conn and Sugar Ray Robinson to hauling garbage for the city of Pittsburgh for over thirty years and induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Charley Burley was forced to fight out of his weight class with monotonous regularity (by today’s standards he would be a light-middleweight), yet he knocked out fighters from welterweight to heavyweight. Burley beat three world champions in three different weight categories, but was denied a chance to fight for any title. Charley Burley and the Black Murderers’ Row was written with the co-operation of Charley’s family and friends. This revised edition has an expanded record for Burley that includes amateur bouts, a ‘Tale-of-the-Tape’, venues and weights for Burley and his opponents.

Publication Date:       11/15/2010     

Language:                  English           


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