On Sunday, April 22, 2012, Ring 4’s Annual Award Banquet honored Tom McNeeley, the former heavyweight contender who passed away on Oct. 25 at the age of 74.

This year’s class of inductees included all Marine heavyweight champion and retired professional referee Charlie Dwyer, former three time world title challenger Joey DeGrandis, former New England heavyweight Jimmy Harrison (posthumously) and former boxing trainer Chester Finn (posthumously).

In addition, Ring 4 also handed out awards to Ted Sares (Humanitarian Award), Joe Feeney (Brother in Boxing Award), David Petronelli (Goody Petronelli Memorial Award),  Tom and Christine Brown (Mary Jo Brown Memorial Award), Jimmy Devlin (Joe Devlin Memorial Award), Noreen Minelli (Ernie Minelli Memorial Award), Marion Connors (Warrior Award) and Gloria McNeeley (Tom McNeeley Ring 4 Memorial Dedication).