James Louis
The man who would be
By Jerry Fitch

bivinsjames_coverEzzard Charles
Archie Moore
Joey Maxim
Melio Bettina
Anton Christoforidis
Gus Lesnevich
Billy Soose
Teddy Yarosz

All world champions
All defeated by Jimmy Bivins

Jimmy Bivins was the ‘Duration’ light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion during WWII, but never had the opportunity to win a real world title.

Acclaimed boxing writer and historian Jerry Fitch tells the real story of Jimmy Bivins; The man who would be champion.

Jerry Fitch began watching fights in the 1950s and has been writing about boxing since 1970. He has written for The Ring, Boxing Illustrated, Boxing News (London, England), World Champion, Boxing Digest, Boxing World, Boxing World (South Africa) and many other publications. Jerry is the author of four books on boxing including his 2002’Cleveland’s Greatest Fighters of All Time’ and now this book from the heart about his great friend of over forty years, Jimmy Bivins.

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