RIP David Allen


allen_dave_colorNews of the sudden and unexpected death of IBRO member Dave Allen spread around the world in a few hours. Considering his world-wide boxing connections and vast coterie of friends, this is not surprising. He was a boxing man through and through with many contacts and a vast collection of boxing-related books and memorabilia. It was often said “Dave knows his boxing”, I can vouch for that. He was my junior by ten years, which is usually a period of two boxing generations, yet he could converse in detail about fights and fighters of my time and well before that. In his head was a wealth of fistic information. It was that which made him a regular winner of boxing quizzes, prizes for which adorned his home. When it came to helping his boxing colleagues, nothing, but nothing, was too much trouble. Being a man who bore no grudges he didn’t refuse requests from those, who, in the past, may have slighted him. That was Dave – so easy-going and seldom showing displeasure, yet it isn’t that good-heartedness or kindness that I will most remember him for, it was his integrity. He was a pillar of honesty and trust-worthiness. There was nothing underhand about Dave Allen, for instance he would never knowingly bid against a friend at an auction. Any books, magazines or photos he borrowed never failed to be returned. We had a strong bond and in a friendship of well over fifty years we never had a single crossed word. There was plenty of good-hearted banter and always a warm greeting. In short, Dave was a gem. He was in fine spirits when we met two days before his death, a heart attack in his sleep took him from us at the far-too-early age of sixty-eight and the news of it has hit me hard. Dave died on the 27th July, he was a widower and leaves two sons, two daughters and five grandchildren.

by Derek O’Dell