Joey: An Extraordinary Life & A Dream Fulfilled

By Scott Russell

joey-coverBOOK Description

In Joey, Scott Russell has captured the mood and the feel of an America long past. It’s a world so gritty that you can almost feel the blows emotional and physical – that pummel the hero on virtually every page.

Make no mistake, this is not Rocky VII. These are not cartoon characters that conform to the timeworn clichés of a sport currently on life support.

This is an evocative story of a man who fought for everything he got, an everyman who survived the only way he knew how, with his fists. It is a story that doesn’t end neatly, with a penultimate knockout in the ring. Lives are seldom that simple. They extend well beyond our fields of glory.

This is a story of a man who could have been broken by life, but wasn’t. Strange then that it is also a love story – and a damn good one.

Jim Prime

15 Rounds of Fury a lifetime of honor

“Scott Russell has written an outstanding book about an unlikely American Hero.”

—- Peter Golenbock

“This book is a celebration of a life, a very special life. What a ride and what a memory. Brother, it’s your story.”

— Bob Tilelli

” A true boxing champion at a time when there was only one.”

— The Family

The true story of former Middleweight Champion of the World Joey Giardello. Over 100 rare photos included. Free shipping.

ISBN 978-0-578-11533-7         $24.95

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