It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Don Cogswell as the new President and Executive Director of the IBRO Board of Directors. Don will assume his position effective January 1, 2015.

Don, who has been an active member of the IBRO for well over a decade, is familiar with all stages of activity in our organization. His solid background and full understanding of our varied needs make him exceptionally well qualified to handle the challenges that characterize the presidency. I know that Don is committed to the continued growth of the IBRO and that all of you will assist him in any way you can.

I appreciate every members help and guidance during my years as President. I’m looking forward to continue working with Don as a member of the IBRO’s board of directors.

Dan Cuoco

When I first joined IBRO Ralph Citro was the Director. He kept the lights on, (with a stern father’s eye on our chronically late members). Ralph’s yeoman service did much to preserve IBRO as a record-correcting body. Then came his hand-picked successor, Dan Cuoco.


Under his tutelage IBRO has grown into boxing’s premiere research organization, its Journal and Supplement seen by not a few with the enthusiasm once held for the long-gone classic Ring Magazine. Dan will continue in his irreplaceable capacity as the Journal and Supplement Editor in Chief, to IBRO’s eternal gratitude.


I look forward to combining my efforts with my fellow board member and longtime associate, Tracy Callis, as well as committee members Monte Cox, Colleen Aycock, Gordon Morino and Paul Cuoco, people of exceptional talent with a proven dedication to IBRO.


My goal in accepting the presidency is to make the transition over the upcoming months a smooth one, working closely with Dan, in an attempt to fulfill those tasks in the manner in which he has performed them. Accomplishing that goal would be to me a worthy contribution to the continuation of our unique organization, the International Boxing Research Organization.

DS Cogswell