The Top Ten Middleweight Champions of All Time:

Who Was The Greatest?

by Larry Carli


The middleweight boxing division has always been one of the most exciting divisions to watch.

Middleweight boxers blend the power of a heavyweight with the speed of a lightweight. Some of the greatest ring rivalries occurred in the middleweight division. Stanley Ketchel and Billy Papke engaged in four boxing classic matches after the turn of the century.

The greatest ring rivalry in the middleweight division was a three bout series between Tony Zale, and Rocky Graziano in the 1940’s.

This book will give you an up close and personal look at who the author feels were the ten greatest middleweight champions based upon the different criteria. At the conclusion, he will tell you who was the greatest middleweight champion.

As an added bonus, the author has included stories on six ring greats who never received a title shot.




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Larry Carli is the author of  The Illinois Thunderbolt: Billy Papke (OutskirtsPress, 2015)