Members in Memorium

We in the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO) mourn the passing of lost members who have played a major role in making the IBRO a success. Their enthusiastic and unselfish dedication and participation is greatly appreciated. The world of boxing is a much emptier place without them. Let’s not forget them!

  • David Allen
  • Dave Bloch
  • Johnny Bos
  • Bob Carson
  • Ralph Citro
  • Dr. Julian Compton
  • Domenic DeMarco
  • J. Karel de Vries
  • Laurence Fielding
  • Hank Kaplan
  • George Kimball
  • Jack Kincaid
  • Tim Leone
  • Stu Levine
  • Ray Mitchell
  • Hap Navarro
  • Robin Nygaard
  • Mike Paul
  • Mike Pusateri
  • Allen Rosenfeld
  • Harry C. Shaffer
  • Jack Sheehan
  • Fred Simmerlein
  • Bob Soderman
  • Bert Sugar
  • Jack Tree
  • Paul Zabala.

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