Clem Crowley Photo Gallery

Hi there Dan,


Here are some pictures I have of my Dad - Clem Crowley.


I believe the fighting one’s are Jimmy Connors and there is a good one of my Dad with him at Florian Hall.

Also, James Micheal Curley with him and a great pic of Willy Pep and Babe Ruth.


A signed Vinnie Paz pic is included as well as a personal note from Angelo Dundee and the official note they read at my Dad’s Florian hall night.


He was Olympic Boxing Coach of the Year for the Air Force and there are awesome pics of the guys back in the day and another of the reunion at Bowling AFB in Washington.


Tinker Picot is in there as well… Just got to love him!!


I am the youngest daughter of 9 of Clem’s children - I know all too well about the Pug’s monthly luncheon and drove my Dad there many times.


I live in Georgia right now, but still have a huge Boston (Dorchester-Quincy) connection on a daily basis, mainly through the Facebook social network.


Please tell the boxing crew at your next Pug’s lunch that “Clem’s daughter - Marty Crowley” says hello, and I hope you enjoy these pictures and use some of them on the website!  My three little boys would love to see these on there.


Thanks so much!


Marty Crowley Gallant

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