About IBRO


The International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO) is a 501 (C) (7) non-profit organized in May, 1982 for the express purpose of establishing an accurate history of boxing; compiling complete and accurate boxing records; facilitating the dissemination of boxing research information and cooperating in safeguarding the individual research efforts of its members by application of the rules of scholarly research.

Membership in IBRO is open to anyone having an interest in boxing research, statistics or history. Members exchange their boxing research findings and requests for assistance primarily through the IBRO internet network and the IBRO quarterly journal.

Since its inception, the IBRO has had five executive directors: John Grasso, 1982-1987; Tim Leone; 1987-1994, International Boxing Hall-of-Fame (IBHOF) Inductee Ralph Citro; 1994-2000; Dan Cuoco 2000-2014; and Don Cogswell 2015 – present.

The IBRO publishes four members-only journals per year containing career records and fight information for champions, contenders, and other fighters of interest as well as articles and rare facts and figures related to boxing. And now with the advent of the Internet it is a truly interactive research and reference source.

Among the research discoveries of IBRO’s membership are: an additional 13 bouts for Mickey Walker, 4 additional knockouts for Archie Moore (increasing his record for most knockouts), and extensive work on flyweight champion Jimmy Wilde’s early record to bring his lifetime knockout record from 77 to 100. Members have also done extensive work in amateur boxing research with a complete record of all Olympic Games bouts up to the 1980 Games included among their accomplishments.