Boxing Record Books

The First Boxing Record Books

The first boxing “record book” in terms of listing the bout-by-bout records of individual fighters, was the Police Gazette Sporting Annual of 1890.  The Police Gazette book continued through a host of annual editions, and was joined by a competitor, Andrews’ Record Book, in the early 1900s. (Thomas S. Andrews also published Ring Battles of Centuries, the first All-Time boxing record book, in 1914.)

The Everlast Boxing Record Book first appeared in 1922, and remained boxing’s standard annual through 1938, by which time it had picked up a competitor in the Post Record Book. The first Ring Record Book appeared (soft cover) in 1941, followed by the first of what would prove to be 45 annual editions the following year. Ralph Citro’s Computer Boxing Update first came out in 1984. (It ‘s now called the Boxing Record Book).

Boxing record books have traditionally listed date, opponent, location, result, and number of rounds for each boxer’s fights. Some have included the boxer’s weight for each bout, sometimes along with the weight of his opponent. Some record books give the city and state of each bout, others just the state. (Japanese and British records often give the precise venue as, say, Madison Square Garden.)

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