Boxing Biographies

Boxing Biographies written by IBRO Members

Eduardo Lausse

Argentina has a proud and long standing boxing tradition that over the decades has introduced many champions and top contenders into the world fight scene.

Ike Weir

He was the greatest featherweight of his day. He went up and down the line and beat them all, irrespective of race or color. He could hit like a pile driver...

Louie Burke

Louie and his father were doing an interview with ESPN before his fight with Freddie Roach in Las Vegas in 1983. The reporter asked Sammy Burke when he first...

Larry Buck

Every boxer I’ve interviewed has his own story of how he got interested in boxing. Larry’s had to do with frozen ears. He grew up in Granger, Washington,...

Leo Randolph

Leo Randolph: The Golden Prodigy by Austin Killeen. Having struck gold in Montreal at the 76 Olympics, Leo repeated the process in the pros.

Davey Moore

Davey Moore: The Springfield Rifle By Dan Cuoco For the life of me I don’t understand why former world featherweight champion Davey Moore (1959-1963)...

My Memories of Davey Moore By Stephen Gordon Where to begin? I’ve been avoiding writing about this for decades as it is such a painful memory.

Raul was born on July 28, 1934 in Tepito a small suburb of Mexico City. His two older brothers Gaby and Jose were professional fighters and Raul learned to...

Barry Allison

If club fighters are the grass roots of boxing, then Barry Allison was definitely part of the grass roots of boxing in New England during the 1950’s.