Boxing Biographies

Boxing Biographies written by IBRO Members

Young Firpo

Guido Bardelli was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame on November 15th, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Don Fullmer

Driving from Albuquerque, NM, I was headed north through South Western Colorado into Utah in search of South Jordan. I’ll never again complain about my...

Jay Fullmer

“That Gene was one tough champ, he didn’t duck anybody! What about his kid brother Don, he came within a few seconds of winning the title himself.” ...

Henry Hank

Henry was born Joseph Harrison in Greenville, Mississippi on February 9, 1935. He moved to Detroit with his parents when he was 6 years old. He later changed...

Marvin Hart

This article attempts to redress the lack of information on this great fighter of the first decade of the twentieth century and tries to evaluate his true...

Eder Jofre

Eder Jofre – The Second Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter in Boxing History By Dan Cuoco   Sugar Ray Robinson is generally considered by most boxing experts as...

Andy Kendall

Kendall, the third of five children, was born on an Indian reservation in Burns, Oregon on September 9, 1938 to Ruth and James Pierce.

Boone Kirkman

Daniel Victor Kirkman took his 1st breath in Vallejo, California on February 6, 1945, where his father was stationed in the Navy. Upon his discharge from...

Danny Long

It was a beautiful sunny day at the end of May, as I drove east on the Mass Turnpike looking for Exit 25 to South Boston.