Articles featured in the IBRO Journal

An interview with Bob Foster entitled Bob Foster: The Borger Banger by Austin Killeen

James "Quick" Tillis: The Fighting Cowboy.

Norman E. Selby was born in the hamlet of Moscow, Indiana, on October 13, 1872.

Davey Armstrong was a 3 time U.S. Olympic boxer.

Herrera was the prototype for the hard hitting, hard drinking Latin prizefighter, noted in his day for having the heaviest punch (and heaviest thirst) of any...

The world, by heaven, had a fighter on its hands when Edward Patrick Walker made his way into it on July 13, 1901.

Former light-heavyweight contender Yaqui Lopez still going strong.

1950s Light Heavyweight Angelo DeFendis interview with boxing historian Rich Biondi.

Jeff Smith

The years following the murder of world middleweight champion Stanley Ketchel produced two noticeable results in the world of boxing.