Articles featured in the IBRO Journal

Richard Savala

Knowing Richard's family background, it's no surprise that pugilism would show up on his future radar screen.

Herb Weissblum

Herb, a resident of Whidbey Island (WA), is originally from Boston.

Tony Lopez

With his father a former pro and his older brother Sal already boxing in the amateurs, it wasn’t much of a stretch for precocious little Tony to follow in...

A century after his death, Veterans of Ring 101, citizens of Baltimore, and government officials celebrated the achievements of boxer Joe Gans with various...

When I accepted an invitation to the Oregon Veterans Boxers picnic the last Saturday in July at Clackamette Park in Portland, it was with much anticipation.

Eduardo Lausse

Argentina has a proud and long standing boxing tradition that over the decades has introduced many champions and top contenders into the world fight scene.

Ike Weir

He was the greatest featherweight of his day. He went up and down the line and beat them all, irrespective of race or color. He could hit like a pile driver...

Louie Burke

Louie and his father were doing an interview with ESPN before his fight with Freddie Roach in Las Vegas in 1983. The reporter asked Sammy Burke when he first...

Larry Buck

Every boxer I’ve interviewed has his own story of how he got interested in boxing. Larry’s had to do with frozen ears. He grew up in Granger, Washington,...