Final Bell

In boxing, many fighters are described as "great" when they are merely extremely good practitioners of the sport.

Vinny Vecchione

Former boxing trainer and manager Vinny Vecchione died of a heart attack at his home in Rockland, MA on July 2, 2009. Vecchione was named Ring Magazine Manager...

Archie DeVino

Archie DeVino, former bantamweight and featherweight contender out of New Jersey, passed away June 29, 2009 at age 81.

Jackie Tonawanda

Jackie Tonawanda dies Wednesday of colon cancer.

Ben Getty

Trainer Ben Getty, father of three, was found dead Sunday. Getty played an integral part in the young career of Clearwater's Keith Thurman.

Andras Nagy

Hungarian light-heavyweight boxer Andras Nagy has died after suffering a brain injury while training in Melbourne, Australia. He was 23.

Benjamin Flores died five days after he was hospitalized following a title bout with Al Seeger in a Dallas hotel.

Pat McAteer

May 1, 2009 – Pat McAteer, the legendary Birkenhead fighter who dominated the boxing ring in the 1950s, has died aged 77.

Bill Schellhas

Bill Shellhaus who fought professionally from 1967 to 1971 died April 29, 2009.