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Emile Griffith who held the welterweight and middleweight championships in the 1960s, has died at age 75.

New Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas Announces Inaugural Inductees.

The true story of former Middleweight Champion of the World Joey Giardello.

The Heavyweight Championship has long been the most valued prize in all of sports. Famous names among the champions include John L. Sullivan, Jim Jeffries,...

Nardo is the story of an Italian kid from Boston's North End, and his rise through the boxing ranks to eventually become World Champ during the Golden Era of...

Johnny Bos forgot more about boxing than most of today’s so-called experts ever knew, but his career in the sport he loved had been a Shakespearean tragedy...

The legendary Johnny Bos, once known as the matchmaker’s matchmaker, passed away today after a long illness.

Johnny Bos, boxing matchmaker who developed Mike Tyson, Gerry Cooney, dead at 61

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, Ring 4 held its 67th annual Boxing Hall of Fame Award Banquet at Florian Hall in Dorchester, Massachusetts.