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It is a typical hot summer day on the Island, where ocean breezes act as the only air conditioning for most inhabitants in the early 70's.

An interview with Bob Foster entitled Bob Foster: The Borger Banger by Austin Killeen

James "Quick" Tillis: The Fighting Cowboy.

Davey Armstrong was a 3 time U.S. Olympic boxer.

I met Carlos at Jerry's Famous Deli in West Hollywood, CA.

Former light-heavyweight contender Yaqui Lopez still going strong.

Richard Savala

Knowing Richard's family background, it's no surprise that pugilism would show up on his future radar screen.

Tony Lopez

With his father a former pro and his older brother Sal already boxing in the amateurs, it wasn’t much of a stretch for precocious little Tony to follow in...

When I accepted an invitation to the Oregon Veterans Boxers picnic the last Saturday in July at Clackamette Park in Portland, it was with much anticipation.