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The world, by heaven, had a fighter on its hands when Edward Patrick Walker made his way into it on July 13, 1901.

Richard Savala

Knowing Richard's family background, it's no surprise that pugilism would show up on his future radar screen.

Herb Weissblum

Herb, a resident of Whidbey Island (WA), is originally from Boston.

Tony Lopez

With his father a former pro and his older brother Sal already boxing in the amateurs, it wasn’t much of a stretch for precocious little Tony to follow in...

Leo Randolph

Leo Randolph: The Golden Prodigy by Austin Killeen. Having struck gold in Montreal at the 76 Olympics, Leo repeated the process in the pros.

Davey Moore

Davey Moore: The Springfield Rifle By Dan Cuoco For the life of me I don’t understand why former world featherweight champion Davey Moore (1959-1963)...

There are many stories of past greats and famous boxers that have been written and rewritten over the years. But what about the many who fought and made a name...

Reuben Vargas

Reuben Garcia Vargas was born May 17, 1932, in Orange City, CA. Managed by Bert Brodose (and later co-managed by Frank Sinatra), he was the most prominent...