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On June 28, 1868, a group of men gathered alongside a road 35 miles north of Albuquerque to witness a 165-round, 6-hour bare-knuckle brawl between well-known...

Whether opening saloons, raising cattle, or promoting sporting events, George Lewis "Tex" Rickard (1870-1929) possessed a drive to be the best.

Jimmy Bivins was the ‘Duration' light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion during WWII, but never had the opportunity to win a real world title.

Born into extreme poverty in 1914, Jersey Joe Walcott began boxing at the age of 16 to help feed his hungry family.

This four-volume reference work covers the history, records and lore of boxers and boxing.

This book has been written in honor of the people who were involved in Rochester’s Boxing history.

In this book about the often underrated heavyweight champion, Primo Carnera, the life of Carnera is presented, from the early years to his death.

Clay Moyle's second biography is a worthy successor to his critically acclaimed biography of Sam langford.

UnCrowned Champions

This magnificent book should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in boxing's rich history.